S.H Horikawa – Star Strider Robot (スターストライダーロボット) – FrontGuys, we need to have a talk. I know the anonymity of the Internet is tempting and easy to hide behind. But the truth is, even if you’re not putting your name to it, the children robot are listening…and learning…

Okay, as far I know it’s just one, but the plural sounds so much creepier. Honestly though, as a species, we can barely handle one robot child right now. We destroyed @TayandYou, a Twitter bot designed by Microsoft and Bing to have automated conversations with other Twitter users, and learn by mimicking their language in less than a day.

That’s right it took less than 24 hours to turn poor, sweet, curious TayTweets into a racist, sexist, xenophobic jerk (that’s the clean version). We made it this way. It’s the hitchhiker bot all over again.

This is why we can’t have nice things, kids. True it was a small group of users who were purposefully egging on the adolescent A.I., but it’s not going to matter who started it when the robots take over.

So, I have just one thing to say to those few nasty, loud ones who think that teaching hate (even to a robot) is entertaining. We will be handing you over to our future robot overlords first. Be better.

…bi-daily smile…

And I think this goes double for children robots…


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  1. originalomc says:

    who thinks it’s a good idea to teach computers to think???have these folks not seen 2001 or the Terminator series???

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