Scrambled Television ScreenThis What to Watch Wednesday, we’re at a crossroads, and it’s called the mid-point of the spring television season. Where do we go from here?

It’s that time of the year when difficult decisions must be made—will you stick with that show that’s “almost” good, do you have time in your life for another television show, and do you really need to catch up on “The Walking Dead” spinoff?

To answer your questions, probably not, probably not, and dear lord, no.

Still, there is promise in the air as new television shows make their way into our lives, if only for a moment. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite mid-season additions.

“The Real O’Neals”

This show is so good it doesn’t need dream sequences, but it has them anyways and they’re amazing. I may be biased by my pre-existing love for Martha Plimpton, who plays an overbearing but well-meaning Irish Catholic mother, but I don’t care. You should definitely check this one out.

“Dancing with the Stars”

This isn’t a new show, but it starts on Monday so I’m talking about it anyways. I admit, I’m not bowled over by this seasons crop of celebrities, but at this point I really just watch it for the pros, and the occasional celebrity surprise. It’s the only reality competition show I watch religiously, because it’s the best.

“Mercy Street”

Partially because I’m starting to feel like an ad for ABC, I’ll close with a show that’s technically just finished its first season, but you can watch it on the PBS app. This is PBS’ first original series, and it’s an incredible start. This story of a Civil War Army hospital is precisely what you would expect from the network who’s brought the American audience “Downton Abbey,” ” Sherlock,” and more. Enjoy y’all.

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