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I_Voted_StickerUp until now, I’ve refrained from commenting on the political circus that’s been going on for the last several months. While I’ve had opinions, I’ve kept them off this blog. It’s my belief that the election doesn’t start until each party has named their candidate for president, and I didn’t want to get caught up in the craziness ahead of time.

Today, I’m breaking my silence.

Call it superstition, but there’s something incredibly ominous about Super Tuesday Part II falling on the Ides of March. In case you’ve managed to avoid the circus so far, I’ll give you the quick run through on what’s happening.

Today five states will vote on the current candidates for president. Those states are Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina. Depending on the results, today’s primaries could wipe out half of the Republican candidates. This could also seriously impact the Democratic race which is incredibly tight.

Okay, now here comes the really important stuff.

If you’re in one of these five states, you need to vote today. It’s tempting to adopt the attitude that this election doesn’t really matter, and you’ll vote when it counts this coming November. But today determines who you’ll be voting for, not to mention the fact that your ballot will be filled with more than just presidential hopefuls.

To put it even more directly, get out there and vote, now! Your excuses aren’t good ones, so go and make sure your voice is heard. Voting is one of the most important rights of a functioning democracy, so go and put that right to use and cast your ballot.

Seriously, now!



More on the Story: Washington Post

…just for fun:

Another reminder not to take your right to vote for granted…

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  1. originalomc says:

    voted, marveled at the “system” in place at the polls, thanked the poll workers for being there, watched the results, wondered why we get so excited about the “extraordinarily high 35% turnout”…think we may be seeing the death of the two-party system in the US…

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