Happy Monday!

I know, it’s Monday, the “super” days are starting to get out of hand, many of us are trying to forget the GOP even exists,oh  and on top of that its winter. So, what’s there to be happy about? Well, quite a few things, it turns out.

First, there are less than two weeks until spring officially arrives! Yesterday was officially the two week mark, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate today.

Second, while it may not officially be spring yet, spring training is in full swing (get it?). True, unless you happen to be in sunny Florida or Arizona that doesn’t mean much, but it does lead me to my third point.

Baseball is almost back…well, almost. At the very least, it’s something to look forward. Which who doesn’t need something to look forward to? It is Monday after all. If you’re looking for something a bit closer, well, this Friday will see the first ever MLB sanctioned Snapchat event. Players will be allowed to post to the social media platform during their games…which should make for some interesting baseball.

On that note, I’ll leave you to your Monday. I know it’s rough, but remember to take a moment to find something to appreciate.

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…just for fun:


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  1. and hope springs eternal in Chi-town…

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