light-bulb-glowing-filament-ahdTonight, brings us yet another presidential debate, as we make our way through this seemingly eternal march to the November election.

That’s not so much a slight on the democratic process so much as complete exhaustion after years of being campaigned at.

I still acknowledge the importance of staying informed, even if you can’t handle watching each and every debate (Personally, I’ll be resuming my debate viewing when we’re down to one from each party.)

So in the spirit of staying informed, and  keeping closer to the completely unintentional reading theme of this past week, I thought I’d make this week’s Sunday Funday slightly more enriching. So, without further ado, enjoy your Sunday Funday…

Let’s start big—the entire universe big—with my newest obsession, TIME’s new podcast, “It’s Your Universe.” It’s like the radio version of “Cosmos” (which you should really check out if you haven’t), exploring the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.


TIME: Yes, There Is Life in Space—Deal With It

Now onto current events. We shared this earlier in the week, but just in case you missed it. Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s explanation of how Donald Trump’s successful  presidential campaign happened, and it’s the best explanation I’ve seen…

…and finally, some history…musical theater history…

…bi-daily smile…



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  1. originalomc says:

    well that explains the Donald…

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