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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! Here’s hoping you’ve already celebrated appropriately. This What to Watch Wednesday, in the spirit of the randomness of the day, I thought I’d take a moment for an under-loved (in ratings only) Marvel gem. I’m talking about “Agent Carter.”

In the last few weeks, the show’s small but mighty army of fans have been freaking out a bit (you know, your average fandom stuff, like incessantly calling the network, begging them not to cancel the show), because of reports that the show’s star, Hayley Atwell, signed onto a pilot for next season. That part is true. The fate of “Agent Carter” is pure conjecture. No official announcement has been mad either way. Still I appreciate the enthusiasm.

If you’re devouring every morsel Marvel tosses out and skipping “Agent Carter,” you’re missing the best part. Seriously.


So, if you haven’t seen it, you will want to fix that, immediately. Setting aside the relevance of a female-led series…


…it’s a great show full of great characters men and women alike. Not the least of which is the namesake of Tony Stark’s A.I. interface—Jarvis.


And speaking of Tony, his father has made more than a few appearances.


Then there’s Peggy Carter herself, who is enough of a reason to check it out. Just saying.


So, I repeat to the faithful, remain calm. Everyone else, get on board before it’s too late (which it isn’t yet, to be clear).

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. perhaps my favorite Marvel television spin-off to this point…

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