…kick off

Super-Bowl-50-LogoHappy Super Bowl Sunday!

Although, with the amount of frustration/rage/deep-seated hatred currently being directed at the NFL, I may have to drop the “Happy” from that statement. (I also might be influenced by my status as a fan of the [formerly known as] St. Louis Rams.)

Somehow the fact that this is Super Bowl L seems appropriate (even if the NFL has coincidentally dropped the Roman numerals this year…don’t worry they’ll be back next year).

Nonetheless, you cannot deny the national holiday-like status that the Super Bowl maintains. It’s one of the few truly live, shared experiences that remains. In the age of DVR’s and streaming on your own schedule, that aspect is somewhat refreshing. Plus, for most of us, those without team representation (or a team at all anymore…), it’s really all about the commercials.

So, however you plan to spend your Super Bowl Sunday, I wish you a happy one. And to the Bronco’s and Panther’s fans, good luck (and keep breathing).

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. originalomc says:

    interesting game, surprising result – it must have been pretty good; I stayed awake until the end of it…

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