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This What to Watch Wednesday, I’m taking a moment for the Muppets as they return for the second half of the inaugural season of their return to television. (Not that a special occasion is necessary to justify spending time on my favorite felted friends.)

“The Muppets” returned last night with a sweet story about how they’re above resorting to cheap gimmicks to “modernize” themselves to appeal to a “hipper,” younger audience.

Sound familiar?

Surprise! The show is under new management, and in true Muppet style they wrote it into the plot. The new showrunner, Kristin Newman, is best know to Crusade fans for her work with “Galavant.” (Fingers crossed for a season 3!)

I don’t want to get too excited, but with only one episode to her name, I’m feeling much better about this series already. The most notable change was ditching the exhausting (and frankly, insulting) storyline that relied heavily on Miss Piggy being a harpy who alienated the rest of the Muppet cast.

No disrespect to the departed showrunner, but pitting Kermit and Piggy against each other was a plot point that could only last so long (like one episode, two tops). It’s not who the Muppets are, and as they return for 2016 it feels like it might be headed in the right direction.

So, if you wrote the revival off after a few episodes, no one’s blaming you, but I highly recommend giving them another shot. It’s time to meet the Muppets (again)…

Yahoo! TV: ‘The Muppets’ Is Back, With A Much Better New Show

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  1. if they can recapture the classic Muppet Show feel, I will add them to the DVR line-up…go Kermie!!!

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