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Untitled design (77).pngThe escalator, a creation up there with reclining airline seats and which way to hang the toilet paper when it comes to its divisiveness. 

The battle lines were drawn long ago and it’s straight down the center of the escalator (seriously, keep to the right, people).

As I’ve stated many times before, there are two kinds of people: People who stand on escalators & people who walk. And a recent study (clearly funded by the standers) is driving that wedge even deeper.

Turns out that second (incredibly intelligent) group is far more scarce than those of us who belong to it would think (roughly 25% of the escalator using population). Add the fact that apparently the many are slowed down by the few. Yes, clearing space for the walkers apparently slows down the whole process, and the man wants us all to fix it, by standing still. 

Yes, let’s sacrifice wellness for efficiency, how could that possibly backfire on us?   


I don’t plan on arguing against the improved efficiency of traffic flow when everyone stands on both sides of the escalator. The logic is there. What I don’t understand is why anyone would discourage any sort of physical activity in this day and age. Sure, maybe a minute or two is lost when the few of us walk up the outside of the escalator, but if we occasionally inspire (guilt) a fellow commuter to put in that extra effort, isn’t it worth it?

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    efficiency and the food pyramid make for a portly population…


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