…Catch Some Zs 

  Sleep deprived people of the world, I have some good news!

We’re constantly reminded that a good night’s sleep is essential to both our mental and physical health. There are countless studies and experts who will back up this fact. 

These same studies and experts have said that you can’t make up this lost sleep on the weekend…until now.

Thanks to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, that mindset could soon change.

According to the study, after four days of sleep deprivation, our bodies don’t process sugar as well…which is bad. However, our processing returns to normal for we follow those four nights with two nights of extra sleep.

Which is a good excuse to catch a few extra winks this weekend…assuming you missed them during the week.

More on the Story: Huffington Post

…just for fun:


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  1. or, just keep drinking the coffee…and only reading the studies that say coffee is good for you…

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