galavantThis What to Watch Wednesday is dedicated to the mid season’s most unlikely hero, who against all odds is back for a second season. I’m talking, of course, about, “Galavant.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, consider this your official invitation to check it out. I’m sure you have your reasons for not adding it to your television viewing schedule, and I’m prepared to address those excuses…or at least the ones I could come up with.

1) I don’t have time in my TV viewing schedule.

I have some good news. There’s only 5 episodes in the entire season. Okay, technically 10, but they show them two at a time. Which brings me to another perk, you get to binge view two episodes at a time. Instead of waiting another week for the next half hour, you get to watch it right away.

2) I’m not sure I’ll like it.

First, I’d like to point out that that’s a silly reason not to watch at least one episode. Second, you’ll like it…assuming you like goofy, and surprisingly poignant comedy.

3) I don’t like musicals.

You’re a liar, and we don’t want you to watch our awesome show anyways.

On a slightly more serious note, “Galavant,” is an intelligent, goofball of a show. It won’t make you think too hard, but if you pay attention you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually pretty smart. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which it made pretty clear with its opening number for season 2, and the title of the episode — “A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear.”

If that’s not enough to convince you. Well then, I’ll make one last attempt to win you over. Alan Menken, who you should probably know because he wrote the music for like every Disney movie ever, writes the music for, “Galavant.” Specifically, he did the music for, “The Little Mermaid”,”Aladdin”, and, “Beauty and the Beast” (to name a few).

Persuaded/impressed yet?

I lied, I’m making one last attempt. This plea goes specifically to fans of “Downton Abbey,” which is now in its final season. Remember how sad you were to find out that you wouldn’t get to see your favorite characters anymore…when the season ends in early February…because you totally didn’t already stream the final season?

Well, guess what?! “Galavant” has not one, but two Downton cast members who’ve appeared in multiple episodes. In fact, the opening episode of season 2 features Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) in the opening number. Also, everyone’s favorite scullery maid, Daisy (Sophie McShera), also has a recurring role…as a maid.

Okay, now I’m really done. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to check it out, and if you do it now, there’s a chance that we may get a third season (fingers crossed).

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…just for fun:

You will join us…just give in to the singing, dancing, and general happiness…


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  1. originalomc says:

    it’s silly, it’s stupid, it’s laugh out loud hilarious…you do have to listen to the words, however…

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