presidential-sealTonight, President Obama delivers his final State of the Union address, and you as a responsible citizen will of course already knew this and planned on tuning in. Because citizens keeping themselves educated and aware of the goings on of great nation’s government is essential to the success of our democracy, but you already knew that, of course…

So, what is the state of our Union? Well, right now it feels like it’s preoccupied with who the next occupant of the White House will be. But guess what, guys?  The massive pool (at least on the GOP side of things) of hopefuls won’t be whittled down until the beginning of next month, and then it’s another nine months until the actual election.

I love nothing more than seeing the democratic process in action. I love a good debate, and the buzz in the air on election night. This interminable, years-long barrage of presidential campaigning is not the democratic process, it’s marketing with lots and lots of meaningless noise.

That’s why tonight, I look forward to taking a break from the noise around our next president and hearing what the current President (yes, we still have one of those) has to say.

Whatever your politics, I think we can all agree that knowledge is our best weapon (especially in the battle against the ongoing presidential campaign storm) and staying in the know requires paying attention. So, I hope you tune in and listen up tonight. Watch it however you choose, cheer, boo (the Senate certainly will do plenty of both), take a drink every time the President mentions healthcare, but above all, please, listen.

NPR: CHART: How Much Gets Done From State Of The Union Speeches?

…bi-daily smile…

Fingers crossed that Luther shows up tonight.


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  1. I was traveling, but I can’t say I’m that upset I missed it…seems like Governor Haley’s remarks were pretty solid as well…

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