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Golden GlobesHappy Golden Globes Sunday!

Ready or not, the awards season is here, and with it more opinions and speculation than you could ever hope for. Per tradition, today we place our predictions for tonight’s awards ceremony, which you’ll find below.

As in year’s past, we haven’t quite seen all of the nominated shows and movies. That makes it more fun.

So, without further ado, here are our picks/best guesses/hunches for tonight’s Golden Globes:


Best Motion Picture

Zer: “Spotlight” — This is the Golden Globes, so there’s always a chance that they could decide to be “different,” and give this to “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Which wouldn’t be a complete loss, and it’s nice to give a nod to the financially successful/widely popular films sometimes. But that wouldn’t change the fact that “Spotlight,” is the best film in this category, and should win. It’s a riveting true story about investigative journalism, and could have been dry and boring as hell, but it isn’t. If you see only one nominated film this year, make it this one.

Stephanie: “Spotlight” — Full disclosure: This is the only one of the nominated films I’ve seen in this category. Putting that fact aside, it is a nearly perfect (difficult to watch) film. If it doesn’t win, I’m pulling for anything but “The Revenant,” with no disrespect towards Mr. DiCaprio, but the award season could use some more estrogen in its life.

Best Television Series

Zer: “Outlander” — This category will either go to “Mr. Robot,” or “Outlander.” I will also be happy with either. However, for the sake of keeping this interesting (and all of guesses from being identical) I’m sticking with the hit Starz series.

Stephanie: “Mr. Robot” — This show was without a doubt one of the best new shows of the past season. The summer series that had everyone buzzing (and still does), is definitely a frontrunner. (Second choice: “Outlander”)

Comedy or Musical

Best Motion Picture

Zer: “The Martian” — I’m going out on a limb with this one. The odds (whatever that means) seem to be in favor of “The Big Short,” but “The Martian,” was by far my favorite in this category. Even if the film doesn’t win, I’m betting that its lead actor —Matt Damon — goes home with an award for his performance.

Stephanie: “Spy”— Words cannot quite express how much I love this movie, so I’ve written a song…just kidding. I am keeping everything crossed that the Oscars include this in their (ten, fingers crossed, ten) nominees (announce this Thursday!), but given the unfortunate unlikelihood of that happening, I’m putting all of my eggs in the Golden Globe basket. (Second choice: “Trainwreck”; Third: “The Martian”)

Best Television Series

Zer: “Transparent” — I tried to watch this series, and I think it does great things for humanity as a whole. That being said, I found myself hating the majority of the main characters, to the point that I couldn’t keep watching. I also think the HFPA loves this show, and it will probably take home this prize for the second year in a row.

Stephanie: “Mozart in the Jungle” — Honestly, “Transparent” will probably win this category (again), but this category is a ridiculous one. They are all great shows, but the absence of any sitcoms really bums me out. If anything, this group of shows illustrates the need for a new category at awards shows: Dramedy.


Best Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Zer: “Fargo” — I still haven’t seen this series, but I hear good things. Not only that, I hear that the second season is even better…which is saying something.

Stephanie: “Fargo” — I’m sticking with my 2015 wildcard that won. It’s an incredibly well done mini-series that has attracted even more talent in its second series.

Best Animated Feature Film

Zer: “Inside Out” — This film is Pixar at its best. Pixar on an off day is still tough to beat, so I can’t see any of the other films taking this award home. Plus it doesn’t hurt that three-time Golden Globe co-host, and HFPA darling, Amy Poehler, stars in the film.

Stephanie: “Inside Out” — This category (putting the weak story of “The Last Dinosaur” aside) is a tough one, but I’m sticking with one of my favorite films (of the year and in general). There’s something to be said for telling a story that’s deep, entertaining, and accessible for all ages, something that Pixar continually excels at. Add beautiful animation and a story with a central female character that manages to avoid all of the tired tropes, and you have this incredible film.

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  1. originalomc says:

    good guesses…sorry about the Revenant thing…


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