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MyPlateWe’re a week into the new year, and if your resolution is to eat better, I have some bad news — they changed the rules.

“They,” of course, means the federal government, who announced their new dietary guidelines today.

So, how badly did they screw up your diet for the new year?Well, not as badly as you might think. For one, bacon is actually still technically acceptable (in moderation). That’s a pleasant surprise considering the WHO’s announcement from late 2015 which put it on the “cancer causing agents” list.

Not so surprisingly, you’re suppose to limit your sugar intake. In fact, added sugar should make up 10 percent (or less) of your daily calories.

Even less of a shock, you’re supposed to eat your fruit and veggies. Specifically, two cups of fruit and 2 1/2 of veggies. So get on that if you haven’t already.

The rest is pretty generic (and common sense), or you doctor will fill you in at your next checkup…which you should probably include as part of your “be healthy” New Year’s resolution.

More on the Story: CNN

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  1. originalomc says:

    because really, we need the government to tell us what we should be eating…turns out the cotton candy and vodka diet, though delicious, was not well-balanced…and I had the color wheel covered by varying my cotton candy flavors…

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