…watch out

Scrambled Television Screen

It’s a new year and that means one thing, time to return to regularly scheduled programming!

With the new year we have the return of old favorites (in some cases unbelievable returns) and some brand new stories to discover. Today, I’ll explore a little of both:

This is not a drill, the final season of Downton is upon us. Cherish these last few weeks with the Dowager Countess…you know until we all inevitable binge all six seasons at once. Farewell Downton:

Next, the return that no one saw coming, but everyone’s thrilled about (well, those of us that watched the first season), “Galavant.” There are no words, at least none that aren’t expressed through song:

Finally, a show that’s technically not new, but it hasn’t been new in a very long time and will soon be new again, and it’s “Gilmore Girls” so there’s really no explanation needed. The first photos from the set leaked this week and the Internet is freaking out over semantics. Let’s all take a deep breath and listen to the wise words of the great Carol King:

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    Galavant – Season 2 – what absolutely nobody saw coming…proving that if the right 3 people like a show, it can survive anything…


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