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“More matter with less art” Queen Gertrude, Hamlet (II.ii.95)

The Twitter-verse may be in for an overhaul. Rumors have spread of a possible character increase from Twitter’s standard 140.

How many extra characters will we be allotted? 

Dare we dream of a world with 150 characters…even 200?

Well, yes, and a whole lot more. We could soon be living in a Twitter-verse with 10,000 characters.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no it wasn’t a typo. That’s ten thousand characters.

And a lot of us aren’t happy about it. 

The point of Twitter is to be precise and to the point. That’s not saying that every tweet ever written has accomplished that feat, but it’s something to strive for.

With 10,000 characters, we could never get to the point. To add some perspective, that’s two and a half pages of words (in standard font).

It’s not a certainty yet, but if it comes to pass, Twitter will have lost its charm.

More on the Story:Washington Post

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  1. not knowing what makes you unique has killed many a firm…please, Mr. Dorsey, don’t do this…

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