…Make It Under the Wire


2015_new_yearWith less than four days to go until 2016, it’s time to take an inventory of your 2015 resolutions.

If you’re like most people, you started off strong at the beginning of 2015, and then quickly fell off the bandwagon. Odds are, by mid-February you had all but forgotten your resolutions for the new year.

With the year winding down, those forgotten resolutions are coming back to haunt many. Some may have already pushed them off for 2016.

I know, it’s late in the game, but with a little bit of hard work, and a few modifications, we can do this…sort of.

  • Go to the gym more — Okay, so this one sort of depends on how much you went in 2014, and so far in 2015. If you didn’t go at all in 2014, then technically you just have to stop by once in order to mark this off as a success. Although, I would suggest you up your game in 2016, or consider a different resolution.
  • Read more — Congratulations! You can mark this one off the list. Get it?
  • Stop making resolutions — Well, technically by making this one you failed, but we’ll mark it off as a very, very sad success.

Now that you’ve got the idea, you’re on your own for the rest. Best of luck!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    too late to go to the gym more…probably too late to be kinder in my thoughts…maybe I’ll go with a haircut…

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