…do or do not

640px-A_long_time_ago‘Twas the night before “Star Wars,” in a galaxy far, far away…
And also right here, at home, in the Milky Way.

The fans they all gathered in costumes big and small…
Because, what’s the point of attending the premiere, if you’re not dressed like a droid…after all?

There’s tension and nerves, joy, laughter, and zeal…
As fans of all ages await the reveal.

If this fandom confounds you, if you’re unable to fathom…
Such loyalty, excitement, and well, enthusiasm.

Then you have condolences, but you’re clearly no fun…
Because life without fandom…well it’s one without

Be it film, art, comics, music, history, or more…
We all have our fandoms, they’re what life is for.

So enjoy your day “Star Wars” fans big and small…
And take pride in your fandom, stand tall.

And with that, I will leave you, before this rhyming turns into a disaster…
With the wise, wise words of one small, green Jedi master:

…bi-daily smile…


One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    still maintaining my 0-for-lifetime Star Wars attendance record…


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