…Shoot Your Eye Out

Christmas-StoryIf you’re hoping to find a new hoverboard under your tree this Christmas, you might want to rework your Christmas list.

It turns out the two-wheeled, “Back to the Future” wannabe’s are dangerous, and not in the way you might expect — they explode!

Catch fire, might be slightly more accurate, but if you’ve been a victim of the oblivious and dangerous behavior of some hoverboard owners, the idea of it exploding is slightly more satisfying (assuming they’re not seriously injured).

While you would think that kind of malfunction would lead to a total recall of the product, so far, it has not. However, parents and Santa now have a rock solid excuse for why little Ralphie’s dream of owning a Hoverboard 360 won’t be coming true this year.

“You’ll spend the rest of winter break in the hospital’s burn ward,” may not roll of the tongue as smoothly as, “you’ll shoot your eye out,” but it definitely gets the point across.


More on the Story: NY Times

…just for fun:


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  1. and yet I’m not allowed to purchase Sudafed without two forms of ID…

  2. I saw versions of this hover board all over the mall in San Francisco…no shooting flames or explosions. Everyone did wear a helmet though…I need to power up a Christmas Story!

  3. Thanks for the warning … I will take the hoverboard off my list!

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