home-aloneToday is the 25th anniversary of “Home Alone.” Which means this is just one of many posts that you’ll see reminding you that 25 years ago today, the Christmas classic was first released in theaters.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another “where are they now,” article. If you want to know that I suggest you pop on over to IMDB.com.

To be honest, I  cannot remember a world without “Home Alone,” or “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” and I suspect that’s the case for most who love this film. To be even more honest, I’m a bigger fan of the second film, but I accept the fact that it would not exist without the original.

Both films have become holiday classics, and depict a child’s dream and parent’s worst nightmare from a bygone era. To put it simply, “Home Alone” and its sequel could not happen today.

Today, Mr. and Mrs. McCallister would have simply checked their home security system via their smart phone apps to see that Kevin was in fact home alone. That’s after they texted and called. After all, it’s not as easy for an ice storm to take out your cell coverage.

And “Home Alone 2”? Well the perpetually late McCallister clan probably wouldn’t have made their flight since they didn’t allow for at least an hour wait in the security line. However, on the odd chance that they did make it through on time, the odds that a minor without a ticket would be allowed to board a plane by himself…not likely.

Those modern-day realities aside, both are undoubtedly classics. They’re not perfect, or cinematic masterpieces, but they’ve had a profound impact on pop culture and an entire generation.

Happy 25th, “Home Alone”!

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  1. Kevin would have been taken from the McCallister’s after Home Alone 1…Home Alone 2 would have chronicled Kevin’s journey through the foster home system…

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