…See the Glass Half Empty


Ten days, that’s how long it has been since Starbucks’ 2015 holiday cups were unleashed on the world. That’s also how long the “controversy” surrounding them has managed to remain in the news.

While the confusing, religion-fueled outrage over the simple red and green design was cute and entertaining for the first week, its charm has worn off.

Why something as simple as a seasonal red and green cup design continues to spark such controversy is a mystery. I can only assume that those who are still fueling the fire are unaware that other, outrage-worthy events have happened and are happening in the world.

In an effort to redirect some of this “frustration” in a more suitable direction, here are some truly outrageous happenings from the past week.

If those don’t redirect your anger, then I can’t help you. Best of luck with your latte-induced rage spiral.


More on the Story: The Atlantic

…just for fun:

A little inspiration to get you through to Wednesday…just keep swimming…


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  1. originalomc says:

    I’m not sure which surprises me more – Starbucks hating Jesus or Russia’s Athletic Committees condoning cheating…

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