…Go Where?


Star TrekIt’s a very happy Monday for nerds everywhere. “Star Trek,” is coming back to television…sort of.

CBS announced today that they’re working on a new “Star Trek” series that will debut in January 2017. So, what’s the catch?

Well it turns out the series will be available through CBS’s “All Access,” streaming service. Meaning, unless you’re paying $6 a month for the service, you won’t be seeing it, at least not without some additional effort. Which seems like a low blow to those who are already paying for CBS through their cable bill.

Still, overall it’s a win for the nerd culture.

No word yet on what characters the new series will focus on, but here’s hoping it’s worth the additional monthly fee we’re all inevitably going to shell out.

More on the Story: The Atlantic

…just for fun:

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  1. originalomc says:

    so, my takeaway is CBS will have its “network” which I pay for then I need to pay more for its streaming service which I assume will contain everything that is on its network so I may just move to streaming only. Of course, at $6/month, that’s a lot more than I pay for CBS as part of my “bundle”…I think I see where this is headed…


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