…keep your eyes peeled

Join us for a spooky evening of trick or treating!

This What to Watch Wednesday, I thought I’d tip my hat to Halloween, with some delightfully terrifying television.

First, (in honor of today being National Chocolate Day) some sweet, sweet denial (and a spoiler alert). This morning I came across a rather intriguing headline (if you’re a “Walking Dead” fan) from the “Wall Street Journal”:  Sorry, ‘Walking Dead’ Fans, But That Death Was Real.

I’d like to respond: First of all, this is actually a great article. Well done, sir. Second of all, for a death to be real it has to have happened. It hasn’t happened yet, therefore, it’s not real. Will it likely happen, yes. Just let us have our hope (or as you would call it, denial) while we can. Thank you.

Now, let’s transition to my first Halloween show selection, “The Walking Dead.” It’s one of the most watched shows on television that’s shown the least love come award season…and that’s a shame…but as long as they keep telling amazing stories (that happen to involve zombies) I think we can deal with the Emmy snubs:

I wasn’t sure if I was willing to invest my television affections in another Ryan Murphy show after “Glee” burned me (with the same lessons learned over and over and over and over again…), but I couldn’t help myself “Scream Queens” is ridiculously fun and appropriately terrifying:

With “Stitchers,” I finally found, a great ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) show that they’re holding on to (for the time being…RIP “Bunheads”). It’s not quite back for its second season (but will be!), but to tide fans over, they’ve gifted us a Halloween special that is absolutely adorable:

…bi-daily smile…

In honor of the St. Louis Arch turning the big 5-0 today, a song from a musical that’s much older than that:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meat Me in St. Louis says:

    I won’t be able to sleep, after that particularly scary clip of Judy Garland. Frightening stuff.

    1. originalomc says:

      It could have been worse, Meat – they could have shown a Liza Minelli clip…

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