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This summer, female fans of “Jurassic Park” were forced to face an uncomfortable truth: No amount of legitimate arguing would get the “Jurassic World” creative team to acknowledge the ridiculousness of its leading lady’s footwear while fleeing dinosaurs. I mean really, what are the odds she didn’t have a second to change her shoes?

Well, ladies, redemption is coming…unless you were already appeased by Chris Pratt’s attempt at prancing in heels, then it’s already arrived…

Everyone else, “Jurassic World 2: Claire’s Revenge” (all I’m saying is consider it, guys), due out in 2018, will feature our leading lady in flats!

We have been heard! Take that prehistoric glass ceiling…you know that one that “Jurassic World” essentially reconstructed when it made. All is forgiven…

Just kidding. The shoes were a minor offense, easily justified, really only offensive because of everything else that happened, and honestly were a delightful comic relief compared to other questionable choices (RIP Zara, you were just trying to do your job).

Not to mention that while heels aren’t the most comfortable or practical shoe choice for fleeing dinosaurs, they are an understandable choice for a professional, powerful, independent woman, which despite all the ridiculous shaming, pandering, and coddling that she endured in “Jurassic World,” Claire is.

Still, assuming that those flats come with the respect this powerful female character deserves, we may be able to mend fences, “Jurassic World.” Until then we’ll take solace in #NoHeels2018, as I’m sure will Bryce Dallas Howard’s feet.


Mashable: No heels for Claire in ‘Jurassic World’ sequel, says Bryce Dallas Howard

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  1. I really ought to watch that movie…

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