…Use the Force

Happy Monday! I know, I know, there’s nothing happy about Monday’s. But this Monday there’s something for everyone to be happy about — Monday Night Football.

What you don’t watch football? No worries, this Monday night the football is mixed with some entertainment for the nerds too with the world premiere of a new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Yes, that’s right, tonight the sports and nerd world’s will combine. Not that this is anything new. The MLB introduced the “Star Wars Nights” several years ago. However, using the promise of previously unseen footage to con your way to higher viewership, well it’s low (and brilliant).

True, they could wait until tomorrow (or later tonight) when the clip will be available online, but then they wouldn’t be one of the first million (or so) to see it.

Just know that this better be an epic premiere, because millions non-football-loving nerds being forced to watch football for no good reason…well, let’s just hope the force is with you on this one.

More on the Story: USA Today

…just for fun:


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  1. I may be the only person in America to never sit through an entire Star Wars movie…love Marvel…love DC…love Hunger Games…love Harry Potter…love Star Trek…don’t get Star Wars…

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