Purell-Instant-Hand-SanitizerAs we head into flu season, it’s fitting that today is Global Handwashing Day.

Just to be clear, today promotes awareness of the benefits of washing your hands multiple times every day…not just today.

All kidding aside, today serves as a nice reminder to those of us who have easy access to things like soap and running water.

It’s easy to take simple everyday amenities like these for granted, but the fact is, a lot of people do not have these simple luxuries.

On behalf of myself and every other person who doesn’t want to catch flu this season, please take this day as a reminder to wash your hands…regularly. But also take a moment to appreciate the fact that you can.

More on the Story: NPR

…just for fun:

Just in case you need a refresher…


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  1. it’s important to wash, and just for grins, let me remind you that good old-fashioned soap is the preferred method as the anti-bacterial cleansers are just producing the super-virus that will wipe out humanity…oh, and have a good day…

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