…Face Off

Screen-Shot-2015-10-08-at-9.14.02-AMThis Tuesday, there’s a lot going on. As I write this, my Cardinals are fighting to make it to game 5 of the NLDS…but enough about me.

In other news, the Democratic presidential candidates are preparing for their first debate.

Seeing as it’s essentially a prize-fight, it is appropriately taking place in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. This debate will be the first face-to-face interaction between the field of candidates. Yes, that’s right, there’s a field. This will also give voters the chance to find out who is running besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Although, not surprisingly the Republican front-runner has managed to steal some of the spotlight as Donald Trump announced not only that he’ll be live tweeting the event, but also that he’ll be hosting SN
L on November 7th. Yes, that’s right. He’s hosting. Which considering that NBC gave Trump the boot earlier this year…well, let’s just say it’s surprising. Apparently ratings trump well, Trump.

All things Trump aside, tonight’s debate should be interesting. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually find out what some of the candidates actually believe in.

More on the Story: CNN

…just for fun:

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