…Break Out

2015NLWClogoHappy second day of postseason play, baseball fans! Tonight, we’ll see the NL wild card tiebreaker game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the eternal underdogs, the Chicago Cubs.

The winner of this match will, of course, go on to play the Cardinals. Meaning, we have a very rare moment here. Cardinals fans care about the outcome of a Cubs game that the Cardinals are not playing in.

What makes it even rarer? Well, a lot of us actually want them to win.

No, we haven’t gone soft. We just realize the appeal of a Cards vs. Cubs NLDS. It would be kind of fun to beat the Cubs in the playoffs.

Plus, a little known secret about postseason baseball. It can get kind of tedious. There are a lot of games. Breaking up the monotony with a battle between longtime rivals, well that sounds like fun.

Yes, I realize there’s a chance that the Cubs could beat my Cardinals. They are on a mission to fulfill the great prophecy of “Back to the Future Part II.”

However, given the choice between the Bucs and the Cubs, I’ll take my chances with the Cubs.

And on that note, I’ll end my completely genuine, but selfishly motivated, support of the Cubs.

Let’s go Cubs…don’t lose yet.


More on the Story: NY Times

…just for fun:

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  1. Cubs-Cards…or, as the fly-over portion of the country refers to it, the greatest rivalry in baseball…

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