…See Red

Cardinals PumpkinAfter a long summer, it’s finally time for postseason baseball.

For some baseball fans, that means the chance to see your team compete for the highest prize in professional baseball.

That kind of excitement doesn’t come around very often for many fans. Which means when it does happen, they may not know how to handle the emotions that come with this kind of pressure.

Which brings me to my point, on behalf of Cardinal Nation, I forgive all the haters.

Although, I would suggest picking another postseason bully this year. After all, you can only gripe about a team making it to the postseason nearly every year for so many years before you start to look incredibly bitter. You’ve all but passed that mark.

We get it. It can be frustrating to see another team have the kind of success that the Cardinals have had. Especially when it’s been nearly a decade since your last post season appearance.

In closing, we get it, you find our team’s success perturbing and our continued excitement annoying. We can’t make you like us, but we can annoy you further by being cool with it. Enjoy the postseason…and Go Cards!!!

More on the Story: Sports Illustrated

…just for fun:


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  1. perfect video selection…T-Swift gets us…haters…

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