…repeat history

The Fall TV Season is well underway at this point, with more than enough shiny, new shows to enjoy. So, this What to Watch Wednesday, I thought I’d take a moment for a returning favorite, “Sleepy Hollow.”“Sleepy Hollow” is one of those shows that arrived on the scene at exactly the right time, even a year or two earlier and it likely would have suffered the same fate as so many niche market shows on network television that came before it (RIP “Pushing Daisies”). It’s the stuff of every time travel/superhero lovers dreams, with enough American historical references to make even the headless horseman’s head spin (quite a feat).

It’s like “American Treasure” minus Nicolas Cage and plus a touch of the supernatural (and time travel). Seriously, Ichabod Crane was owed an upgrade after the horrible things that Disney cartoon did to him…

Ichabod 2.0 gets it…

Although Disney’s headless horseman will always be absolutely terrifying to me:

And before you accuse me of loving this show for shallow reasons, the real reason this show rocks and has maintained its spot in my personal TV lineup is its female lead. Lieutenant Abbie Mills is Ichabod’s partner in crime (solving) and guide through an unfamiliar century (did I mention there’s time travelling?).

It’s really the perfect start to October.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    awesome show, and it is the historical references that keep me hooked…


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