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facebook thumbs upHappy Monday and welcome to another week!

I sincerely hope that at this point in the day you’ve come to terms with the Monday-ness of it all, but for many it was a dark, cold Facebook-less Monday afternoon.

I’m here for you, poor, unfortunate souls. I’ve curated a list of topics to discuss with family and friends during this difficult time. I’m speaking of face-to-face (#IRL).  We will get through this#FacebookDown of 9/28/15 (not to be confused with #FacebookDown of 9/24/15 or #FacebookDown of 9/17/15):

Water on Mars: NASA has confirmed flowing water on Mars. I assume this is an elaborate cross-promotional effort coordinated with the release of “The Martian,” in theaters this Friday.

Let the colonization begin! But first, the obligatory Twitter jokes:


Also, here’s some science:

It was a busy day for NASA, and had you been able to access Facebook this afternoon you would have been subject to photo after photo after photo of last night’s eclipse. So, if you were in an overcast part of the world and tired of seeing all of the updates about the awesome eclipse that you couldn’t see, consider the outage a blessing, that’s about to end:

Finally, the one thing that wasn’t trending today, probably because everyone was busy freaking out about water on Mars, last night’s eclipse, and #FacebookDown, was the premiere of Trevor Noah as the new host of “The Daily Show” …No pressure sir, but you’re competing with NASA and Facebook FOMO (oh and the legacy of Jon Stewart). Best of luck:

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. originalomc says:

    Facebook was down???


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