…Fall In

I have some bad news lovers of summer, your season is officially (and unofficially) over.

Everyone else, I have some good news. Autumn is here!

That means it’s time for apples, pumpkins, and an adorable Google Doodle (see above). Sure, we might be giving up the longer,  warmer days of summer, but fall has its perks too.

For instance, there’s pumpkin everything. From lattes to pie, if you’re a fan of pumpkin, this is your time of the year. And if pumpkin is not your thing, there’s usually an apple-flavored alternative. If neither of those float your boat, well then I’m sorry that your taste buds are broken.

Aside from the edible perks, there’s also the weather. For those of us who aren’t fans of the sweltering heat of summer, but aren’t quite ready for winter, this is the perfect time of year. So, bring on the boots, scarves, and fall sweaters!

I you’re still not in the spirit, I have one last perk — the scenery. It’s hard to beat the natural colors of fall. The reds, orange, and yellows of autumn foliage are natures way of saying enjoy the moment, because there’s a lot of brown, white, and grey in your future.

In closing, autumn is amazing, and it’s here whether you like it or not. Enjoy it while it lasts.

…just for fun:

Another reason autumn is awesome…Halloween.

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  1. I could live in autumn forever. Thank the lawd for pumpkin everything 😛

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  2. originalomc says:

    my favorite season of the year…oh, and it’s Cardinal playoff time, too…

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