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facebook thumbs upAh the fabled dislike button, long-promised, but yet to be realized…until now.You may have heard that Facebook will soon be expanding on the “like” option, and by heard I mean seen post after post rejoicing over it. Of course, much of this rejoicing comes from a dark, dark place. It’s that corner of humanity that’s been craving, dare I say, demanding a “dislike” button nearly since the beginning of Facebook.

On the surface, a “dislike” button seems innocent enough, until you think about it for a second and remember that there’s a reason we can’t have nice things—people suck sometimes. Needless to say, I am not in support of a “dislike” button. You might say I “dislike” the “dislike” button.

However, I actually “like” the change that Facebook is making. Why? Because it’s not a “dislike” button. It’s their answer to the demand for a “dislike” button. “Dislike” may end up being one of the options, but the options will be far more empathetic than simply clicking a button to show your disapproval (with minimal effort), because, most of us just want a button that says more than like. Sometimes you want to rejoice with your “friends'” triumphs, or console them during times of loss. There is a whole wide world between “like” and “dislike” and I look forward to seeing what Facebook gives us to explore.


…bi-daily smile…

For example, I “adore” this:


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  1. because what the world needs most is another way to quickly denigrate others…

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