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airplaneHappy not-Monday! If you’re feeling bad about your job, here’s a nice healthy dose of “it could always be worse.”

Air India announced this week that it’s grounding 125 of its flight crew members for not meeting the company’s “adequate BMI” standards.

Translation (with a politically correct filter), 125 of Air India’s employees were deemed too large to work on their airplanes.

To be clear, these individuals are not being fired, they’re being relocated to ground duties. There is only so much room in an airplane after all, so having some sort of size restriction makes sense.

Of course, when you consider the fact that 18 to 25 was deemed an “adequate BMI” in men, and 18 to 22 was the acceptable BMI range for women…well, you start to question whether the airline’s concern is purely for the limitations of the airplanes’ aisles.

Something to consider if you had an exceptionally bad day at work. It could have been worse, unless of course you’re one of those 125. If that’s the case, you have my utmost sympathy.

More on the Story: TIME

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  1. BMI doesn’t seem to be the right tool for measuring – straight-up size limitations would make sense, BMI does not…

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