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Today, I found myself pondering a big question: Will we ever tire of learning new things about Harry Potter?

Obviously, it was a short pondering session, because the answer is no. As long as J.K. Rowling keeps feeding us (via the magic of Twitter) fascinating new factoids about these characters, the magic lives on, and I don’t think we’ll ever be ready to let that go.

Yesterday’s revelation was less factoid and more pronunciation correction:

All I have to say is shame on you, Warner Bros., shame on you.

Harry Potter fans, we were lied to by the movie industry who propagated an inaccurate pronunciation of “He Who Must Not Be Named.” To be fair though, it should have been a non-issue, it’s in his title, we’re not supposed to say his name

The largest group of non-violators come from France, where they not only know Voldemort is pronounced sans “T,” they also understand the name’s meaning: Flight of Death. So, if you’ve ever thought the French people were judging you, here’s your validation. They were, and you know what, they should. Shame on us, and shame on Warner Bros.


Mashable: J.K. Rowling says we’ve been pronouncing Voldemort’s name completely wrong

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  1. originalomc says:

    would it have killed JK to mention this to the film-makers???


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