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McDonaldsThe morning, afternoon, and evening just got a little bit better for McDonald’s breakfast lovers. The fast-food chain announced today that they’ll be rolling out an all-day breakfast menu starting in early October.

If you’re wondering why this is just happening now, well you’re not alone. There have been petitions, campaigns, Facebook groups, etc. for years. However, with limited equipment and health issues in the way (raw eggs and Big Macs aren’t a good combination), it hasn’t been a real possibility until now.

Of course, with this change, we also lose something. No, I’m not talking about the impending menu cuts (something has to go to make room on the all day menu). What we’ll lose is that specialness that went with getting McDonald’s breakfast.

Before it was a treat reserved for the hours before 10:30 am (11 on the weekends).  The sense of accomplishment that comes with making it to McDonald’s by 11 am on a weekend morning will be gone.

We may have gained all-day Egg McMuffins, but at what cost?

More on the Story: Wall Street Journal

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  1. ending those memorable drive-through moments with a car full of kids being told – “okay, it’s 10:31 – who wants a cheeseburger???”

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