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Backwards ClockThe English language provides us with more than a million words, yet it seems that we, as a society tend to dwell on the buzzwords of the moment. And with that, I’ve already revealed the reigning word: moment.

According to a few sources (Slate, NYT), the word is preoccupying our culture. Everyone’s having a moment—cultural moments, political moments, social media moments. They’re even an app. Moments are everywhere.

The irony is, none of us seem to be living in them, we’re too busy documenting #moments. I don’t want to demonize documenting—there’s value in it—but when capturing every single one of these precious moments takes over experiencing them, there’s a problem.

So, I propose that we let moments have their moment, but remember to have our own as well.

NYT: ‘Moment’ Is Having a Moment

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    I’m sorry – what did you say? I was posting a selfie…


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