…stack it up

cheeseburgerHappy National Burger Day! (Because it’s been far too long since we celebrated an entrée.)If you’re one of the country’s top burger chains (which shall remain nameless to preserve the integrity and grassroots of this sacred day) you likely spent it sending another top burger chain an “olive branch” and got burned (all puns completely intended).

First of all, nameless burger chain one, you totally missed out on your combined branding. McWhopper is not an actual blending of the two names (which I’ll still not mention directly). The only fair call here was WhoMac. Better luck next time, nameless burger chain.

Everyone else, I wish you all a happy Burger Day. I hope you’ve found a way to celebrate (or are reading this from a time zone where you still have time). Good eating to you all.

…bi-daily smile…

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  1. originalomc says:

    no better way to celebrate than by recognizing the contribution of the major chains to our rich culinary history…


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