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Fear-the-Walking-Dead-posterEarlier this week, Stephanie discussed her trepidation over the arrival of “The Walking Dead” spin-off series, “Fear the Walking Dead.”

With the official premier only a day away, now it’s my turn.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the opportunity to have more zombies/walkers/whatever they’re called in L.A. in my life. I do. It’s just that I’m partial to the ones I already know. It also doesn’t help that the premise of the show is a bit confusing.

It’s a prequel, but with characters that we don’t already know, in a place that is on the opposite side of the country from where “The Walking Dead” takes place. Not to mention the fact that we already know what’s going to happen, the world’s going to fall apart.

So, basically it’s not really a spin-off so much as a window into what was happening outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Which could be an okay thing. After all, there might have been some interesting, compelling characters outside of the South…maybe.

That really is what it comes down to — the people. Not only will the “spin-off” not have any of the usual cast of characters, it will also not have our hour-long group therapy session immediately following the show (aka – “The Talking Dead”). How are we supposed to process these episodes with out Chris Hardwick and random celebrities there to talk us through it?

If “The Walking Dead” has taught us nothing else, it’s shown us that during a zombie apocalypse the most important thing you can do to ensure your survival is choose your people wisely. Here’s hoping that “Fear the Walking Dead” has kept this in mind.

…just for fun:



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  1. can’t comment…not a fan of the original…I really should try to watch it…

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