…walk faster

It’s mid-August, and very likely that you’re itching for some new programming. Sure, we live in the age of Netflix, so we need not go without new entertainment for too long. Still, if I’m being honest, there’s nothing like the fall return of original programming, especially when it arrives in late summer. So, this What to Watch Wednesday, I thought I’d take a moment to anticipate this season’s first offering…

This Sunday, AMC kicks things off with the premiere of “The Walking Dead” spinoff, “Fear the Walking Dead.” (See what they did there?)

As a good, loyal fan, I of course plan on tuning in, but I’m not going to lie to you, the absence of my beloved zombie apocalypse gang (Carol, Daryl, Carl…whose names all sound alarmingly the same when I’m doing my Rick Grimes impression) will be felt dearly, as will the incredible change of scenery. We’re not in the forests of Georgia anymore, kids. They’re dropping us into the early days of the zombie apocalypse, in one of the most populated metropolitan areas on the planet—Los Angeles.

In Georgia, if you can keep up a fairly brisk walking pace, you’re probably going to be alright (unless you walk into a corner, corners are not your friend in the zombie apocalypse). You thought zombies were scary before, imagine the havoc they’ll wreak on L.A. traffic.

…bi-daily smile…


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