If you’ve been thinking that not enough of your life’s controlled  by Google, I have some good news. The Web/tech/who knows what else company is introducing a new product that will make your life more accessible…I mean easier.

Google introduced their new no cords, easy setup, wireless router today. For those who don’t speak tech, it’s the blinky, flashy box thingy that makes the internet work.

Except for the new Google one, known as OnHub, doesn’t look a thing like its predecessors. It’s pretty and sleek, and you don’t have to hide it away in a closet or behind cabinet doors. Because who doesn’t want to give up counter space to a router?

It actually is a neat looking router, even if it is creepy that Google is stating that it will work better if you leave it out in the open. Preferably, somewhere centrally located so it can keep an eye on you…I mean keep you connected…to the Internets.

More on the Story: PC Mag

…just for fun:



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  1. originalomc says:

    Trust us…we’d never do anything inappropriate with your information…

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