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Technology has brought us a fair number of new perils to consider…namely what in the world we’re supposed to do without it…but geolocation is the one feature that takes the creepy cake.

The complete creepiness became even clearer this week when a Facebook intern exposed a security flaw in Facebook’s geolocation feature. 

In May, the intern published a Chrome extension which showcases a feature that allowed tracking of users who’d turned on location services in the app within three feet of their location.

This post isn’t about the right and wrong of the intern for publicly publishing the flaw, or Facebook for firing him for doing it, or the terrifying reality of geolocation technology, but about the awesome style with which the intern exposed the flaw—an extension called the Marauder’s Map.

If you’re going to put a career at Facebook on the line, you might as well do it with epic nerd style. Well played.

Slate: A Facebook Intern Got Fired for Pointing Out Privacy Problems

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  1. originalomc says:

    if you’re going to go out, make it memorable…they will tell tales of this for generations to come…


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