…give a hand

FullSizeRenderHappy Left Handers Day! This one goes out to all of the eleven percenters out there!In honor of the holiday, I’ve typed this post with only my left hand (pictured left), or as the French would say, main gauche.

Full disclosure: I am not left-handed, so any typos or grammatical errors were definitely a result of using my non-dominant hand. (Solidarity!)

If you know a left-hander, you know that this world wasn’t build for the sinister among us (that would be the latin term for left-handed), so it seems only right to give them a day. Now lets see if we can get the ambidextrous among us a day of their own!

AOL: 15 famous celebs who are left-handed (it’s a redundant headline, but an informative read)

…bi-daily smile…

One Comment Add yours

  1. originalomc says:

    left-handedness is a blessing…and a curse…


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