…Laugh Out Loud

emojiIt’s official, no one is laughing out loud anymore, at least not on Facebook. The social site revealed recently no one is using “LOL” anymore, and that “haha” (51.4 percent),”hehe”(13.1 percent), and emoji (33.7 percent) have replaced the dated acronym.

If you’re wondering how Facebook was able to collect this information, then I’d like to redirect you to this video:

Did that make you “LOL”,”haha”, “hehe”, or ” 🙂 “? Still wondering about things like privacy, and the safety of your personal information and conversations on the Internet? Well, then check out this video:

Still thinking about Facebook privacy issues or have you gotten the point?

More on the Story: ABC News

…just for fun:


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  1. there is something disconcerting about the rapid evolution of expressing one’s emotions using acronyms and emojis…you’re old if you use LOL…

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