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Daily ShowThis What to Watch Wednesday, there’s no debate to be had, what you need to be watching is Jon Stewart’s final week as host of “The Daily Show.”Now that we’ve settled that…

For years, many have bemoaned the apathy of the younger generations, regularly sharing the latest stats citing “The Daily Show” as a leading news source for many “youths,” and all I have to say is: Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Do I approve of only watching “The Daily Show” for your current events? No. But it sure is better than nothing. Yes, it’s a comedy show, not a news program, but with all that’s going on in the world sometimes it takes a bit of humor to stomach it. Jon Stewart has not only provided that, at times he’s been the most sane-sounding news source out there (I’d like to emphasize the at times in that sentence).

I haven’t always agreed with Jon Stewart, but what I’ve always appreciated is the care he brings to the news. Even if I disagree with every word coming out of his mouth at the moment, I could always appreciate the informed nature of his opinion. I expect his predecessor is well aware, but he’s inheriting some very large shoes (metaphorically speaking), and what I imagine is an unbelievably long reading list. Jon Stewart is nothing if not an incredibly well-read host.

Jon Stewart made “The Daily Show” what it is today, and the idea of one being without the other is hard to imagine. Yet, here we are, with only two shows left, and only one thing left to say: Bon voyage, Jon Stewart. Thank you for the entertainment and the education.

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