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The Jetsons

The world of science-fiction has given humanity many wonderful things to dream of and perhaps aspire to—time travel, teleportation, shoe phones…

Then there’s the flying car, a dream set in motion by the Jetsons, and still aspired to today, today, I’m here to tell you this dream needs to die.

Think of all of the horribly stupid things you’ve seen people do while driving, now imagine them doing it in the air. Not to mention that running out of gas sucks when your wheels are planted firmly on the ground. Imagine what will happen when they’re soaring over our heads.

I’m all for dreaming, but flying cars are not a dream, they’re a dystopian nightmare, that yet another company is trying to make a reality…with the best of intentions, I’m sure.

Practically speaking, think of how much rougher the driving test is going to be if flight is thrown into the equation…imagine the student drivers. Dream on dreamers, just stay away from the flying cars.

Chicago Tribune: Terrafugia takes flying cars to new heights

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  1. originalomc says:

    I’d love to see the 70-year old woman who was renewing her license flying her car…


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