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This What to Watch Wednesday, don’t say I never did anything for you, because I’m covering the sequel that (let’s face it) everyone asked for (but I was not one of them). Even I have to admit, a sharknado is a hard thing to stop. By the time humanities days are over, I assume we’ll still be making Sharknado sea-quels (get it?).I’m not sorry to say, I still have not seen any of the Sharknado films, but I assume that will not stop me from enjoying this third installment, and if it’s following the “Toy Story” trilogy pattern (because why wouldn’t it?), I think we should all be prepared to cry (they’re holding hands!).

Now imagine it with sharks.

I assume this time around we discover that the dolphins were behind it the whole time, as part of their master plan to be lords (and ladies) of the ocean. Mark my words, that intelligence could easily translate to devious deeds. I’m calling it now, next summer’s sequel: “Sharknado: Flipper’s Revenge.”

…bi-daily smile…


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  1. Donald Trump’s pissed that Mark Cuban got to be president before him…

  2. Catchy title for the 4th Sharknado series: I like it!

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