Today, breaking news from the wizarding world. Yesterday afternoon, an article posted on Mic.com made wild speculations about the cost of tuition at Hogwarts, putting the annual price-tag at just over $43K.

The news site posted a rough estimation of the total annual cost of attending Hogwarts (silly muggles), and while their cost of supplies (wand, cauldron, uniforms, quills…the essentials) was educated and fairly spot on. Their tuition estimate has been pretty swiftly shot down by the only muggle qualified to end this debate:


This estimate was already, of course, ridiculous, first and foremost because Hogwarts, is located in the UK, so even if they used muggle money, it would be pounds (or euros), which is beside the point because we all know they use wizard currency.

And as if the wizarding world weren’t magical enough, now we know they’re student loan free as well:

She has a point. If the wizards could figure out how to make education affordable and accessible for all, even while battling the constant threat of one of their own going off the deep end and sending the entire wizarding world into the throes of war, then what’s our excuse?

Arts.Mic: Here’s How Much It Would Cost You to Go to Hogwarts

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