…throw back

Emmy-AwardsHappy Emmy Nomination Thursday! It’s not a national holiday, but really it should be (along with Oscar, Golden Globe, Tony, and Grammy nomination days, of course). Think of all of the aggravation that could be avoided if the entire workforce didn’t have to pretend like they were doing their jobs instead of venting their frustrations over Kit Harington’s Emmy snub on Twitter (seriously, you know nothing Emmy nominators). 

In honor of the not-a-national holiday, I thought I’d take a look back  at some  of the nominated and snubbed shows that we’ve raved over here at 2WC…a Throwback Thursday, if you will. Now without further ado, 2WC’s Television Throwback Thursday:

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”: …un-break 

7 nominations

All you need to know to love this show, is its theme song, the rest of its wonderful-ness (and there’s plenty) is just the icing on top:

“The Walking Dead”: too many blog posts to choose just one

2 nominations

Although this show has one of the largest audiences of any show on TV, the Emmy’s have never shown it much love (except for in effects and editing). But we don’t need no stinking awards, when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes, we’ll know who our friends are.

“Game of Thrones”: …Always Pay Your Debts

24 nominations

Who would have thought a show about dragons (amongst other things) would get so much Emmy love? Well, anyone who knows it’s on HBO, but that’s beside the point. Although I’d love to see some love shared with other equally worthy shows, this season of GoT was definitely worthy of this deluge.

“Parks and Recreation”: …treat yo’ self

3 nominations

Given that this was the final season for this fantastic show, it’s got a real shot at taking the top honor home (especially now that “Orange is the New Black” scooted on over to the drama category), and hopefully Ms. Poehler herself will take home a statuette for her incredible run as Leslie Knope. How wonderful would that be? I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face, I swear.

TIME: Let’s Take a ‘Glass Half-Full’ Approach to This Year’s Emmy Nominations

…bi-daily smile…


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