…Step Up to the Plate

homeplateI’d like to preface today’s post with a disclaimer: I am a fan of a national league team. So, the opinions which follow are somewhat skewed by that fact. You’ve officially been informed.

MLB fans are well aware that the All-Star Game took place last night. They are also aware (some painfully so) that for the last few years, this game has had more power than any single game (outside of the playoffs) should have.

For those not familiar with the MLB rules surrounding the All-Star Game, I’ll explain. Since 2003, this one game that brings together the “best” of the National and American leagues determines home field advantage for the World Series. Meaning, if the American League wins (which they usually do), whichever team from that league makes it to the World Series will have home field advantage. That’s even if their National League opponent has a better season record.

It’s a ridiculous concept, and I’m not just saying that because since it has been in effect, the national league has only won three times. Although, that certainly doesn’t help.

The idea behind this rule is that it will make the players take the game more seriously, and therefore more people will want to watch. Which doesn’t seem to be the case, since last night’s game saw the lowest ratings ever for the midsummer classic.

Which should make us National League fans feel a little bit better, but with yet another All-Star Game loss still fresh in our minds…it really doesn’t.

More on the Story: ESPN

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  1. if it “matters”, then Little League “everyone plays” should not be the norm…

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